Lace, pearls and hearts.

I bough this dress before I went to Paris. I love it, so I thought I'd share! I've very new things to show you since I am currently broke and needing to save money! I'll be selling things on ebay soon including the Chanel earrings in this post (sterilised of course) so I'll let you know once everything is up.

Isn't the giant lollypop amazing? It's filled with normal sized lollies, my sister won it at a fair. The sad thing is to get the little lollies out you have to open it :( but chupa chups are amazing so it's probably worth it.

IMG_1373 IMG_1368

Dress - A-wear
Pearls - Vintage
Tights - Accessorize
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins
Bag - Ladurée
Earrings - Chanel


IMG_1385 IMG_1386




I also have some fun news, my favorite blogger is coming to stay with me from the 3rd of September! So be prepared for lots of fun posts involving me and the wonderful MessyCarla. I cannot wait!


  1. Omg, Laduree! Love.
    You look like an adorable Lolita doll.


  2. I love your tights, they're fantastic! :) xx

  3. i adore thoose tights!!!!!

  4. Love this outfit and those earrings! I'll definitely be bidding for them on eBay (hope they don't get too expensive....) That giant lollipop look extreme!!! Such a pretty dress too x

  5. you look great! I loveeeeee that dress as well!

  6. hey :)

    I LOVE your hair colour, I dyed mine red recently but it didn't turn out quite the way I liked. Did you do it at home?

    The giant lolly is too cute! xx

  7. love those tights! i have them but in white & red, they're a bit too bright though i can never find anything to wear with it hehe

  8. I love that lollypop :)

    Check out my blog, I've got an awesome give away competition on the go :)

    Katie xoxo

  9. I absolutely love your bag and the giant lollipop is just too cool. I agree with Lucy your hair is gorgeous, pin up perfect x

  10. oh my goodness, i was lusting after that a-wear dress for ages. it's lovely! xx

  11. Gorgeous look! I have about 4 pairs of those tights (or very similar ones anyway) and oh boy am i jealous of the giant lolly! :D

  12. I LOVE everything about this outfit. Gorgeous dress and cute tights. Sometimes I wish I could turn back time and be in my 20s again.

  13. Adorable! I love the tights and the dress - everything!

    I saw giant chupa chups like that when I was in Hanoi - I was very tempted to buy one but I thought it was just one giant lollipop ^^

  14. Adorable! love those tights.

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