Wild horses couldn't drag me away...


I know it has been a while since I did an outfit post, my self esteem has been horrid lately and I haven't felt like being photographed. I did get some lovely wooden sandals yesterday from Topshop though which I wanted to share. I thought they looked good with this horse necklace I got in Manchester a few weeks ago. I am sure tights equal a massive faux pas but I liked the look, what do you say? Yay or neigh? (See what I did there?).

Dress - Primark
Bag - Topshop
Tights - Monsoon
Shoes - Topshop
Hair feather - Urban Outfitters
Ring and Necklace - Topshop


Since I have stolen their lyrics for this blog post, it's probably only right for me to share the song. And a great one it is too. I heard a teenage boy saying to his friend last week "this is the new Keane song" while Can't get no Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones was on. I might have punched him had I not been in work.

P.S. To anyone who bought anything from my blog sale, your goods are all now packaged and will be posted out tomorrow!


  1. I personally love the tights, but then again i am a BIG tights fan and wear them with every outfit XD

    LOVE LOVE that necklace <3

  2. i love tights and sandals, good combo :D

  3. you look beautiful!!! i love your outfit!! i love your tights with the shoes...its perfect for your outfit!!! xoxo

  4. That bag is amazing. I got so distracted about it that I almost forgotten what else I wanted to say. Tights and sandals look nice, not too much of a faux pair as long as there isn't the huge saggy seam that the toes sometimes get! :)

  5. I love this necklace! I've seen someone wearing the duck one which is equally as cute :)
    Love the dress with those tights too


  6. Hullo there, I just wanted to say I've been checking back regularly since I stumbled across your blog by accident. I love the way you put outfits together and you look lovely :) keep it up

  7. I really don't care anymore what people think about tights in summer - tights are great and I will wear them any time of year so long as they are comfortable. They certainly look good. I love this outfit, it's very city-chîc! Looking stylish and I'm drooling over those shoes....if I had seen them I would totally have nabbed them. Maybe I'll just steal them from you when you aren't looking (well, apart from my giant feet, damn it).

  8. cuteeeee, love the socks and tights. whatever, wear what you want!! hope you're feeling better? when you coming down to dublin? x

  9. your shoes are fabulous!
    i dont know why your self esteem is low missy, you look beautiful!
    belle xxxx

  10. I wear fishnet tights all summer - I love them! I wear them with open toed shoes because I think it looks rockin' but I know some of my friend's judge my fashion sense it that respect.

    I really love your cute little dress and the horses!

    Oh and on the teenage boys rock music ignorance, this Christmas we had a group of people over to our house that had nowhere else to go ^^

    We were talking about music and one of the guys said "OMG Really? I had no idea Dave Grohl was in Nirvana!" - I wasn't sure if his comment made me feel really old or made me want to hit him due to his rock and roll ignorance :P

  11. You have one of the most kick-ass jewellery collections I've come across! Love the necklace, and the shoes, and the tights! :)

  12. I love the shoes, they're gorgeous. I really need some wooden-heeled shoes in my life!
    The tights look really good with this outfit, they're such a pretty colour.

  13. I really like the tights - I think it makes the outfit look more unique! (My only rule with wearing tights is if I feel comfortable in them and that I'm not too warm/too cold. ) And I love the shoes you paired with this - I've been dying for a pair like that!

  14. I adore those tights xx


  15. Love the outfit, especially that necklace! xx

  16. Love those shoes! I'm seriously tempted to buy them. Do you think they are comfortable to wear?

  17. I think you look lovely :) And I hope you get your confidence back soon, but I know I always think that you look gorgeous! :D

    Maria xxx

  18. Aaaw I hope these photos reinforce what clearly all of your commentors (^) including me think, you're gorgeous! Those tights are wicked, I'd rock them with the sandals too (the socks n' sandals faux-pas only counts with sweaty feet). Keep smiling chickadee,

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  19. Love, love, love the sandals. Like clogs, but prettier! And the horse necklace is fab too. I have that bird ring - it's one of my favourites! x

  20. Oh my goodness I bought practically the same shoes from a shop here in Aus. What a coincidence! Great outfit post.


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