I have returned from my travels.

Sorry I have been neglecting you lovely readers lately, I'll be back on my normal baking and outfit post form again soon! I just got back from my summer holidays. I spent a night in Dublin, two nights in London and three nights in Paris with my best friend and fellow blogger Sarah Kane. Not that we needed any excuse to visit those beautiful cities, but we did have an ulterior motive! We are massive Tori Amos fans and she was doing a mini European tour. Our friends went round countries for weeks seeing her but we couldn't afford that! Three cities was enough for us, and it was wonderful. We have already had the pleasure of meeting Tori a few times before but it's always a thrill, she's so kind to her fans. And as well as the concerts we of course also explored the cities!

When we were in London we went to Camden, one of my favorite places to shop. Even if you aren't buying there's so much to look at, photograph and eat! We were staying nearby with a really kind friend, the writer of the wonderful food blog Crumbs for Dinner which I urge you to check out and add to your bookmarks if you want some amazing recipies.


Camden Town. Camden Town.

Camden Town.


Lion. Cherry blossom.

Best friends.

Apple Shisha.

Me talking to Tori Amos. Me and Tori Amos <3

We got to Paris via the Eurostar, I love how you can go to another country under the water in a train, it seems so bizarre! Paris was beautiful of course. I have been a few times before so I was excited to show it to Sarah who hadn't been to France before. We were staying with a lovely, very glamourous family friend who greeted us wuth Moet and strawberries - we were spoiled rotten the entire time! We are usually slumming it on our travels but this was divine. We had all of these lovely outfits packed with us and plans to be glamourous and chic but when we realised how insanely hot it was those plans went out the window! Hair tied up every day and very little make up, way too hot for it. Check out the beautiful apartment we got to stay in, if I wasn't a total hoarder it'd be my idea home! So clean and organised.

Living room.

Living room.

Louis Vuitton.

Our bedroom.

Vivienne Westwood. Dior.


View of Paris from the Sacré-Coeur.

Sarah. Notre Dame.

Swallows. Ice cream in Montmartre.

My hair.

Sorbet! Candles in Notre Dame.

The Eiffel Tower! The Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower!

Waiting for the boat trip up the Seine. Notre Dame.

The Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower.

Beautiful Paris. Bridge.

Tea in a china cup.

Chinese food yum!

Kitty cat. Hello Kitty!

I <3 Paris.

View from Galleries Lafayette. Eiffel tower hair!



Ladurée Ladurée.


Ladurée. Ladurée <3

Sorry to bombard you with so many photos! I hope you enjoyed them. I'll be back soon with an outfit post for you all.

Back in one week!

Georgian Buildings on Merrion Square Dublin

London Bridge (Tower Bridge) : Reflection on the River Thames


I'm going on my summer holidays! Dublin, London and Paris. I can't wait. I promise to take lots of lovely photos to share with you upon my return. In Paris I am staying with a family friend who works for Louis Vuitton, should be great! Mwah! xo