A quick summery outfit post!

Okay UK and Ireland people, was it just me or was it BOILNG today? We are not used to this in Ireland! It was so sticky and humid. I was in my horrible polyester work uniform most of the day, what a nightmare in the heat. I changed as soon as I got home. Now the sun has gone down and I have to start writing an essay, 2500 words tonight on Wes Anderson films. I had better get started!

Dress - Topshop
Cardigan - Awear
Shoes - Primark
Necklace - Galibardy
Rings: Accessorize and Etsy.

Oops! Spot the faux-pas, I really couldn't be bothered wearing a strapess bra just to sit in the garden though.

I don't really like wearing my hair up but it is just too hot for long hair right now. And if I have to wear it up I might as well make it pretty with some flowers right?


  1. It certainly was BOILING! I'm also a hair-up-a-phobic, but yours looks lovely!


  2. So warm today! I sat in the garden too but was considerably less stylish than you. Love the pattern on that gorgeous dress!

  3. Beautiful! I love the dress and necklace! It was horribly hot, i nearly died going out!

  4. Looking colourful and fab!
    Unfortunately here in Canada, it's really humid but gloomy. It's hot without the sunshine.

  5. This is perfect! Love the hair flowers! I had to drive to uni on Friday, it was sooooo hot, I felt awful, I nearly melted haha! I avoided going outside yesterday (a little hungover!) but I'm going to make the most of it today!

  6. so adorable! i really, really love that dress!

  7. i love that dress, it's so pretty. i am loving this hot weather, even the sticky humid feeling! haha

  8. I adore that dress! A friend of mine has it & I'm fascinated with the texture. Not to mention it's the brightest colours I've seen on a dress, ever. Makes it so summery & pretty.

    earth vs. the wild heart

  9. Such a beautiful dress, waffle cotton is my favourite! You look so amazing!

  10. Gorgeous! Love those colour pop shoes and the pretty flower in your hair. Perfect for a hot summer's day... although it's cold and grey again here. Hmph! x

  11. Your dress is like a flower garden. I love it! The necklace is so fitting! Just Yummy!


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