New dress and Topshop makeup!

Hello lovelies, sorry it's been a while since I updated! I'm trying to get revision and coursework done for my finals, I graduate from uni this summer (hopefully!).

I got this dress from River Island a few days ago, I love the colours in it. I also got the yellow skirt I featured on here a while ago which was down from £21.99 to just £12 so I will do an outfit post for that soon.

I dyed my hair last week, I was fed up trying to maintain the red. I am tempted to dye it black properly but then it's so hard to get rid of if you change your mind. This is L'oreal recital preference in brasilia dark brown. It will fade really soon though, my hair colours never stay long since my hair has been bleached so much. Poor hair, I should be kinder to you. And get you cut, long overdue.

Dress - River Island
Shoes - Office
Necklace - River Island
Ring - Topshop

Molly wanted to join in.

I popped into Topshop yesterday evening to try out some of their new makeup range. I was very impressed with the selection and the prices are also quite reasonable. They are going to release new items every season as well which is exciting. I could have bought a lot more but I went for these:
  • Skin glow in 'light' £10
  • Crayon in 'sun shower' £7
  • Cheek and lip stain in 'berry blush' £6
Now that I have had them home and tested them properly I will be wanting to give some of the other things a try. They had some lovely looking kohl pencils for £4.

This is the sun shower crayon, I love it. Very easy to use, no mess, quick! I am going to get the black one I think because it's a very tidy way of doing a smoky eye, no dust to drop all over your face and make you look like a panda.

The skin glow is something I normally wouldn't spend a tenner on because I have Benefit moon beam which is a highlighter of the same kind of hue. However moonbeam is quite thick whereas this is more runny and lighter so I feel happy putting this all over my face, and it gives a really lovely dewey glow.

I love stains, this is great for your cheeks. Really bright and stays on for ages. I'm not that keen on using it on my lips only beacause it is really perfumey and does not taste good at all! Apart from that the colour and staying power is really great.

Let me know if you have tried any of the range and what you think! I thought it was all going to be a bit naff but it's actually great quality and I can't wait to try some more bits.


  1. I got the lip stick/crayon in Blush and I REALLY like it, it's like a slightly darker version iof my natural lip colour and it just makes me look a lot more polished!

    Maria xxx

  2. I think I'm going to go into town tomorrow so i might pop in to Topshop and have a look! I like the look of the crayon, i might buy one of them tomorrow. I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind following me as i only started my blog last week and i haven't got any followers yet, don't worry if you don't want to though! Thanks

    Megan xoxo

  3. I've only got one of the eye kohl pencils so far - I ordered it online and didn't dare get anything "exciting" in case it was naff but I'm impressed and need to see it in store to get some more bits :)

  4. That ring is lovely - can't beat Topshop for jewllery in my opinion!

  5. I was so tempted by the skin glow stuff; might have to give it a go. The packaging is cute too, though I'm a real sucker for such details!

    You look lovely in that dress!

  6. The sun shower crayon looks beautiful! And I love your ring :)

  7. I love your jewellery here. The ring is so cute and the necklace is really distinctive.

    I am still (yet) to try the Topshop makeup. I am resisting for as long as possible. It's interesting that they are going to update and release new items every season, so should be something to look out for :)

  8. That dress is really cute. River Island is actually getting better lately! I bought a skirt from there last week too.

    I'm not sure if I'm going to bother trying any of the Topshop make up, my friend got some of the nail varnish and said it was so gloopy and hard to paint with and then chipped easily. I think it's kind of overpriced too, I'd rather buy a MAC lipstick for a little bit more hehe. Maybe it's just cos I trust that brand better.

  9. I think your new hair looks lovely! Have you ever tried hair masks or deep conditioning treatments to be nice to your tresses?

    I LOVE that makeup, I wish we had Topshop in Norway!

  10. I love the dress and that gorgeous bird ring! I really want the golden crayon, so pretty!

  11. that's one very lovely dress!

    Topshop has make up products? we have Topshop here in Jakarta, but i don't think they sell make up around here. I want that golden crayon!


  12. Good call on the Topshop makeup - that eye crayon colour is lovely, I saw the green version and was really tempted... though I eventually plumped for some lippy instead, going to attempt the 'nude' look :)

    Claire @ Jazzpad


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