I wish I were in London...

...but alas I am not. If anyone doesn't know, the Volcano in Iceland (the same one that ruined my trip to Manchester last month) is causing problems here in Ireland again. At about 11pm on the night before I was due to go to London for my birthday, Ryanair cancelled all of their flights. I was distraught, I had planned a great birthday meal out with just me and my best friend. But, these things happen. I had to forget it and I hope to make it to London this summer sometime instead. I can go to London for my birthday next year as well. I am 22 now, it feels weird to type that number.

So my guide to Manchester was foiled by the Volcano and now my guide to London has been ruined as well. I did take a few photos the day before my birthday when my family and I went for a walk and got lost and ended up walking for three hours, I wasn't really dressed for lots of walking but oh well! I may not be in London, but Ireland is beautiful.

Coat - Silence and Noise
Scarf - Gift from a friend
Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Belt - New look
Tights - Accessorize
Boots - Primark
Necklace - Topshop


  1. I've just noticed your hair is red now :DD
    Hope you had a lovely birthday, anyways xxx

  2. I'm sorry about london chick :(

  3. Bloody volcano! You look lovely anyway. HAPPY BIRTHDAY xoxo

  4. Oh no, you're really being messed around by this stupid volcano aren't you?! Hope you had a lovely day and enjoy your trip later in the year instead.

  5. Poor you! What a shame :o(

    Your parcel went First Class on Tuesday, hope it arrives safely! x

  6. happy birthday! i didn't realise you were (just about) older than me, i'm 22 in July.

  7. So sorry about the flight and your trip :(

    Happy birthday!!

    By the way, I gave you a couple of blog awards:

  8. Aww i'm so sorry about your trip :( Damn you volcano!
    I hope you had a good birthday anyway and you look lovely :)

  9. Gutted about your trip :( So sorry.

    I have that DP dress! I love it :D Ireland really is beautiful, and happy belated birthday!

  10. Stupid volcano! I hope you had a lovely birthday anyway :) And Ireland is beautiful, I have never been but would love to go. It's pictures like that that make me wish I was in my picturesque little village rather than dreary grey Coventry!

  11. Beautiful outfit! xx


  12. I love your new hair colour! And you look fab, as always:)

    Sorry to hear about London being cancelled but at least, as you say, you can re-plan a new trip soon! xox

  13. Damn that volcano! How awkward that it should start belching again when you're set to fly off for another trip. Here's hoping it's almost done - can you imagine the chaos if it continued over summer?! :( xx


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