Hello from Manchester!...oh wait scrap that.

So, yes I am supposed to be in Manchester right now. I was going over for three nights to stay with my lovely friends and to see Rufus Wainwright. If anyone doesn't know, there's a volcano in Iceland that is erupting and causing ash clouds meaning nearly all flights over Europe have been cancelled since last Thursday and things are still looking bleak. I was going to do a little guide to Manchester but I guess that's been delayed! I'll be going over in June so hopefully I can do something then.

I do hope the ash clears up soon though, as I have booked to go to London for my birthday on May 4th for 2 nights with my favorite person and awesome blogger Sarah Kane. That will be a fun opportunity to share one of my favorite cities with you all!

For now, in lieu of my Manchester post have some far less exciting photos of my newest dress, and possibly new favorite dress! I absolutely love it, it's my favorite colour as well. I got it in the ASOS sale for £21 as well which I thought was pretty great. It's a lovely light fabric, perfect for summer, if it ever arrives here in Ireland.

Dress - ASOS
Bag - Topshop
Shoes - Office
Necklace - ASOS
Hair flower - Accessorize

Oh! And I wanted to ask, do you readers like me including a big photo like at the top there? I always just use the standard flickr size but let me know what you think! x


  1. I have this dress in blue! I had to carefully cut out the elastic in the waist though because it was really tight for some reason!
    Shame about Manchester, it is fab, damn the volcano! haha

  2. Oh what a shame to have missed your trip :(

    The new dress is just stunning on you. What a gorgeous colour and print.

  3. I always use the standard size as its easier haha but I think either way looks good :)
    Pretty dress!

  4. Stupid ash cloud! You look beautiful though, the dress looks great on you!

  5. Boo to the ash cloud! Loving this look on you - the dress was definitely a good buy and I'm wondering why I didn't buy it myself?! :)

  6. Great dress, I love the print.

    Horrible news about your ruined holiday!

  7. That dress is adorable! I love it. x

  8. i adore your blog its wonderful and so are all the lovely cakes mmm :) xxxx

  9. As a redhead, I am a bit wary of wearing green in fear of looking too much like Christmas. You pull it off wonderfully, and make me question those fears! I love the flower in your hair.

  10. Ooh the vines with hearts on that dress match my tattoo - I want it just for that! :DD xxxx


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