And the birds were singing to calm us down.

Dress - New Look
Belt - New Look
Leggins - Primark
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Topshop
Necklace - Hannah Makes Things
Ring - Miss Selfridge
Hairband - River Island

The title is from one of my favorite Laura Marling songs, My Manic and I. If you read this blog you'll probably know how much I love birds. I love the freedom they represent, their colours, their little beaks. I have lots of bird printed clothes and bird themed jewellery. Well now I have permanent little bird. No, not a real one, I'd never keep them. I have a little siskin tattoed on the inside of my wrist. I got him done yesterday by the amazing Julius at White Dragon Tattoo in Belfast. He did my first, and so far only other, tattoo almost two years ago. I hope you like him. He's not looking on top form today as he is in the process of healing, but isn't he sweet?

I got the dress yesterday, it was supposed to be £20 but was only £16 as new look have double student discount on at the moment!

This ring was only £3 in the sale.

This is a photo I took yesterday after getting it done, and a photo of my old one when it was first done.

Show me your tattoos!


  1. Your tattoos are both beautiful! Just the sort I would have done if I wasn't such a wuss :D

    I love that bag and that ring! Adorable.x

  2. I love your style so much and your tatoos are fabulous. If I didn't have such a terrible phobia of needles they'd be exactly the sort of thing I'd like to adorn my own body!

    I've been eyeing that dress in New Look for ages. I really must go and pick it up! It's luvverly!


  3. I love your tattoos, especially the one on your foot, it's absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had your bag too :)

    Maria xxx

  4. I have never seen a foot tattoo that i liked before, but that is just beautiful. Keira went nuts when she saw the piccies and would like your bird one on her wrist asap. She wants to know if she can get it for her birthday LOLOLOL!

    I love your blogs.

    They make me happy

    This is good


  5. Oh they're both beautiful. Any particular reasoning behind choosing that bird?

    I'm another one that's been eyeing that dress up. It's just such a gorgeous shape and pattern.

  6. ooo, that's gorgeous!

  7. you are gorgeous and i love your tattoos i have a bird too but its not finished yet, he still needs colors

  8. The new tattoo is absolutely beautiful!! <3

  9. You're absolutely beautiful. I love the dress and the ring!

  10. I love all your posts! &&& such lovely tattoos <3

  11. Not a tattoo person myself (must be my age!) but yours are lovely. For me they'd just have to be on canvas and in a frame. :) - Anna from USA

  12. The birdie on your wrist is adorable! I love it.

    And wouldn't you know, I have been wanting to get my third tattoo... which I plan to be cherry blossoms on my foot! If you don't mind, I'd love to use your picture as a reference photo.

    Your whole outfit is just precious. It's bird-centric but so subtle, too! I love the shoes.

    My two tattoos

  13. i absolutely love your bird!


  14. If I could stand the pain I would have tattoos like both of those!
    I miss getting student discount :(
    How recent is the Topshop bag?

  15. Such gorgeous, gorgeous tattoos! I just ADORE the little bird. Tattoos have this tough, 'bad girl' reputation but yours are so feminine and pretty.

    I love the bird theme in this outfit too - like you, I'm slightly obsessed with birds! :)

  16. I love your bird..and your shoes ;p

  17. you are such a great detail-worker! :D haha

    love love love your tattoos!!

  18. You lok so gorgeous Claire! I love the tattoo, you're so much braver than I! xox -Maeve

  19. I love your style and your bird tatoo. Unfortunately I am too much of a wimp to get one.

    Passport Smiles

  20. I love all these birds in your outfit, and your tattoo is very nice too, although I'm too much of a wimp to ever get one myself :D

  21. Wow love your tattoos! (I am however, too cowardly to get a tattoo myself altho I ponder it every now and then - I would like a black cat silhouette)

    Just to say that I've been reading your blog for a while and am so sorry I haven't commented yet! I also have a thing for birds (amongst many other things, like cupcakes...) and your blog is just so interesting for me. I've been bookmarking all those lovely links for jewellery :)

    Completely weird is the fact that I bought the dress you're wearing a few days ago from New Look (in the Inspire range).

    Anyway, just to say hello and say I <3 your blog :)


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