Outfit 8/2/09.

I just wanted to share this outfit with you. The dress is new from A-wear. I bought the boots reduced to about £40 from something crazy like £120 from Faith years ago, wore them once or twice then lost them. You may wonder how you can loose a pair of boots but my dad tends to tidy things away when I leave them around and he tidied them into the cupboard under the stairs. I was so happy to find them! I feel great in these boots, that little bit of extra height to my 5ft self makes all the difference to my confidence!

Dress - A-wear
Belt - Primark
Tights - Marks and Spencer
Boots - Faith
Necklace - Topshop
Bag - The British Museum, London.

Do you have an item of clothing or a pair of shoes you feel great in every time you wear?

P.S. I plan on baking some Valentine's cupcakes this week so I'll have another recipe to share with you soon!


  1. Ooh for me it's all about my silver winklepicker shoes! :DD

  2. Aaahh I love that dress! Wish we had A-Wear!

  3. I just love your dress!
    You are adorable!

  4. My black topshop "squeek" shoes


    I love them so much!

    Lovely outfit, you have the best clothing!

    Love Amy Marie.

  5. Love your dress! I wish I lived in the U.K.
    Adorable boots as well.

    For me it's my pair of black skinny jeans. I always feel great in those!

  6. Looking forward to seeing your Valentines cupcakes :)
    Thats such a gorgeous dress, the bright colours really suit you!
    If I could get rid of some of my height and give it to you I would - I'm 5"8 and hate it as I feel I can't ever wear heels!! :(
    Oh and currently I feel amazing whenever I'm wearing that swan jumper from Topshop or my favourite coat from Topshop - silly choice but I love love it right now. I'm sure it'll change in a few months though!

  7. Beautiful dress!

    I always feel great when I tote my favorite red bag. Odd how that works.


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