New year new start?

Happy New Year readers! I hope you had a good New Year's Eve. Do you have any resolutions? I don't know if I really believe in them, if they're that important I don't see why you should wait until January 1st to change things.

I am however taking part in Project 365 for the first time ever, and I may keep a record of all the films I watch just to get an idea of how many I really do watch in a year (probably not enough, I am a film student). It might be a good opportunity to get through the 100 or so dvds I still have in the cellophane wrapper.

I'll probably post a few images from my 365 here, but the majority of them will probably be to dull to deserve posting here. You can follow my 365 on my flickr stream.

3/365 | Nostalgia.

I'm looking forward to taking photos for my next post, but it involves a lot of untangling jewelery so I've been putting it off out of pure laziness. It should be up within the next few days!


  1. i'm doing 365 too, we'll have to try to keep each other motivated :)

  2. adorable picture^^ really love your makeup^^

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