My own little aviary.

I have a thing for birds. Anything with birds on it and I have to have it. I thought I would share one of my collections with you, or part of it at least. I collect necklaces, and most of them feature birds. There's something I just love about them and the freedom that they represent. So enjoy a few snaps of my favorite pieces.

If the birds are sitting on or hanging off branches, even better. I love trees and branches, I have a cherry blossom branch tattooed on my left foot.

You can get the necklace above from Elsie Bell.

This sparrow is one of my favorites, I got him in 2006 in Topshop.

This little bird is probably my most worn piece of jewellery.

In case you're feeling inspired, I made this set of some items I would love to add to my collection!


  1. i really like that sparrow too :) i have that necklace on the 8th picture, i liked it so much i actually bought 2

  2. ah i love it all! great photos :)

    the sparrow is lovely!

  3. i love everything with birds on it as well, like you i love the freedom they symbolise. you've got a beautiful collection; accessorize is the only shop here that does good jewellery (no topshop here! h&m is tack) but they don't like birdies :( those two owls are the cutest, are they earrings? xx

  4. these are the sweetest things ever <3

  5. Love this post - i have several of the same infact :)


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