Lady Luck Rules OK

I hate the exam period. I have so much coursework on top of everything else. I think I've been sitting at my desk for about three hours now and still haven't managed anything. Something did arrive that cheered me up though! My LLROK order! I only ordered these things on Monday night and they were here today on Thursday, despite the snow.

I love their jewellery, it's really well made. The glitter items are brilliant, and the glitter never comes off. If you like their stuff order now! Every single item they sell is 50% off until the midnight on the 11th of January. My order would have been around £30 but I got these three items for just £15, bargain.

Broken heart necklace in red.

Sugar mouse brooch.

Heart to heart necklace.

Fox costume pendant.

I ordered this necklace back in Autumn, I've worn it loads and not lost a single flake of glitter. Now, back to work!


  1. that sugar mouse necklace is beyond cute! and i love foxes

    if only i'd saved some money this month :c

  2. Love that fox necklace. Sparkles + foxes = fantastic.

  3. That glittery fox pendant is fantastic <3


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