France and Photographs by Sarah Kane.

Hello all! I'm back from France, our flight got cancelled and we had to drive to Spain and fly from there but I'm home now. I had a very relaxing time. It was freezing, so as you can imagine lovely to sit inside by the roaring fire with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

My lovely and very talented friend Sarah Kane photographed some cupcakes I baked for her. They're just plain vanilla with a bit of sparkle! I am so pleased with these photos, and very grateful for all the work Sarah put into them! Please check out her blog and have a look at her website. She's extremely talented, I envy her so much. Her photographs are beautiful in every sense.


  1. Aw, Claire! I'm glad you liked them. I promise I'll do some better ones (the weird colour in these - the off white - wasn't apparent on my crappy monitor until I looked at them on my desktop). Next time I'll shoot them with the studio lighting kit and draw up some business cards for you. What else are friends for? ha!


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