Christmas gift ideas.

I can't say I am big fan of Christmas. Or at least not of the hype, I only really get excited about Christmas around the 20th of December but this year I'm looking forward to it already! I will be spending a few days in France in December which I'm so excited about and my boyfriend is spending Christmas day with my family so I can't wait for that.

Also who doesn't love presents? I don't believe Christmas is all about presents of course, but it's definitely part of the fun. I love buying for people and getting excited to see their faces when they open their presents. We're all trying to save this year in my family so I will probably be doing a lot of baking again! Last year I bought some lovely tins, filled them with some cookies I baked (peanut butter and then orange and chocolate) and wrapped them in tissue paper and ribbon. I think this is a really lovely idea, and I'd love for people to give me baked goods so if you're short on money or ideas for what to buy try doing the baking thing. People love it, I promise. I'm going to bake some sugar cookies soon so I will post up the results here and possibly a little guide for making your presents that little bit sweeter with ribbons and bows.

For now though I thought I would post a few items that would make lovely gifts. I love buying presents from little online stores rather than from the high street if I can. Having something not a huge lot of people own makes the gifts even more special. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on these goodies.

I have a weakness for birds. Don't ask me how many bird necklaces I have. These sweet wooden brooches are only £7 each and would make a perfect stocking filler. Available from Rock'n'Rose.

These cake slice rings may cause you to crave cake every time you wear them but they do look delicious, they are also adjustable so no worrying whether or not they will fit the lucky person you're buying for. Also from Rock'n'Rose.

You can choose from a huge collection of gorgeous prints over at Keep Calm Gallery, including of course the famous 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster in an array of colours. Hint to my boyfriend, I want the gold one. They also stock a selection of unique Christmas cards.

I am in love with these shoes from Miss Selfridge. I recieved a pair of shoes I had ordered from last week and they arrived wrapped in gold tissue paper, definitely won me over. I'm a packaging addict. Students don't forget Miss Selfridge offer 10% discount year round.

Cath Kidston have some lovely gift ideas. Their oilcloth wallets would make a lovely gift, they're very sturdy and will last a long time so are well worth it at £20 each and come in a variety of patterns. The store also has a range of stocking fillers in at the moment, all cositng under £10 which include compact mirrors, kissclasp purses and gadget cases.

This store has a range of really beautiful patterned tights and socks, definitely unique!

Remember if you're ordering from US websites get in there soon because delivery can take weeks sometimes and post will be even slower around Christmas. Another thing to remember if you're in the UK is not to get too carried away on American websites as you can be slapped with insane custom charges once your parcel reaches you. Hopefully there's a few ideas up there to buy someone or to ask for yourself. Enjoy your shopping!


  1. i do believe that baked goods make brilliant christmas presents, or presents in general, i shall be making lots of spiced christmas biscuits to decorate and hand out to people again this year. xx

  2. i love that cake ring from rock n rose, may put it on my list for santa!

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  5. Handmade gifts are particularly good.They are meaningful for the collector, and the supplier gets to truly consider and unite with the individual they are making the gift for.The vitality of all that love or friendship is implanted in something you make by hand.What preferred gift could there be over that?
    Really darned cool I'd say :-)

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