I have this silly habit of dressing up for nothing in the small hours when I can't sleep. Make up and all. Silly, but luckily my little sister and I have that in common. We raided my wardrobe a few days ago and did an impromptu photoshoot. Well I didn't get dressed up so much as put make up on but Katy did. She's wearing two of my Topshop dresses, the black lace comes with a black dress for underneath but I liked it over the rose dress. The rose one was £24 from Topshop a few months ago and the black lace was £50 from there last year. The lipstick on Katy is Barry M and mine is Mac.

And some silly extras:

I'm so glad I have a large family. I have two brothers and two sisters. Katy and I have 7 years between us but we get on pretty well!

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