Cupcakes in Belfast

I went to St George's Market on Friday in search of some baked goodies and I was not disappointed! The Marshmallow Grove bake beautiful cupcakes for weddings and events and they also sell their yummy cakes at the market. It is comforting to know that you don't need to have a big background in catering to be a pro in this business, the lovely owner of Marshmallow Grove, Sarah is from a mechanical engineering background. I love my degree, but the fact that I probably will never use it is something I get reminded of constantly when I tell people that baking I really want to do.

I could have picked out a huge number of cupcakes but I decided to try the Chocolate and Orange as well as a Recce's Peanut Butter Cupcake. The cupcakes are priced at £1.50 each, and are a perfect thing to indulge in during this silly recession. Little luxuries like this are coming out on top.

The cupcakes are perfect, just the right frosting to cake ratio! The cakes were so full of flavour and the peanut butter centre of the Reece's cupcake was a lovely surprise. I only managed to eat half of the chocolate orange since my dad cheekily nabbed the other half but it was lovely, the frosting is so rich but not at all sickly.

If you live nearby get youself down to St George's Market and buy some of these babies. I want to try the Red Velvet and the Coconut next, they looked pretty tasty.

Also if you are in Northern Ireland and you're a cupcake fanatic like myself get yourself a ticket for Cupcake Camp NI.

CupcakeCamp is:

  • A get together for those who like cupcakes
  • You can come along just to taste, or you can buy or bake your own cupcakes to share.
  • You eat and enjoy the atmosphere.
  • The event takes place over the course of an afternoon (at Blick Studios).
  • You can decide if you want to enter your cupcakes in the competition.
  • We will to have free coffee (provided by Bean and Gone), drinks and lunch on the day.
There are no attendee tickets left but you can still sign up as a baker for the day! You can do that here. It's sure to be a brilliant day, I can't wait.

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