Nutella cupcakes

I read about these nutella cupcakes on Afeitar. Helen is one of my most favorite bloggers, she posts amazing recipes, and my scales must hate her for it haha! These are really yummy, I loved them and I got loads of compliments on them so I will be baking them again for sure. Check out the recipe over here.


  1. hmmm nom nom nom. they are so lovely aren't they? you should really check out the hummingbird bakery cookbook, everything i've tried from there has turned out perfect! (god i sound like i work for them don't i? but it's true!)

  2. hi girl, luuuvv your blog, luuuuv your flickr. im a 25 years old fashion designer and movies PR lady from israel. and iv just used some of your pics in my blog. come and take a look.


  3. they look so yummy....might have to try that recipe myself on Sunday (baking day!) - thanks for sharing! xo.


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