Nutella cupcakes

I read about these nutella cupcakes on Afeitar. Helen is one of my most favorite bloggers, she posts amazing recipes, and my scales must hate her for it haha! These are really yummy, I loved them and I got loads of compliments on them so I will be baking them again for sure. Check out the recipe over here.

Home is where the cute is.

Does anyone else love snooping at photos of peoples bedrooms as much as I do? There are some great communities on livejournal where you can share photos of your home, as many or as few as you would like. I took these photos to post over on Ourbedrooms and I thought I would share them here. During the week I live in a student house with two of my friends. I have to go home to my family house at the weekends for work but on weekdays this place is my little refuge. I have to move out in a few months and I am dreading it. It's a rented house so we can't do much to it and we are students without much money but we have tried our best to make it our own.