The yummiest traybake ever!

Does the place you come from have any food that isn't known anywhere else, and you just don't understand why? We have quite a few here in Northern Ireland, such as wheaten bread, soda bread, potato bread (basically a lot of bread) but the best is fifteens. I have yet to meet another Northern Irish person who doesn't love fifteens. When my friends went off to university in England they told me that none of their new friends had ever heard of the wonder of fifteens. They are seriously amazing and so easy and fun to make so I want to share this recipe with you. Make some for yourself and become hooked! My little sister and I made these tonight.

The recipe is really easy, they are called fifteens because there is 15 each of the main ingredients in them. You can of course adapt this if you want to make more (or less, but why would you?). Tonight technically we made twenties. You will need:

  • One can of condensed milk
  • 15 digestive biscuits
  • 15 big pink and white marshmallows
  • 15 glacĂ© cherries
  • Dessicated coconut
You can also add other things to this, my friend Aisling adds walnuts and they go very well with it, but my little sister objected.

First put 15 of the biscuits in a bag, tie it tight and make sure it doesn't have any holes in it and take out some of your rage! Get a rolling pin, your fists or whatever works for you and crush those bad boys to crumbs. When you're done pour the crumbs into a large mixing bowl. Chop the cherries and marshmallows in half and add them to the crumbs.

Next lay out a sheet of tin foil, about 80cm long. Scatter the coconut over it evenly and leave it for later.

Back to the bowl now! Mix in the condensed milk. This is the messy part, there's really no other way to do this or it will just take forever, so stick your (clean) hands in there and mix it up. Make sure you get all the crumbs totally covered and the marshmallows and cherries mixed well. This is very sticky but it'll be worth it I promise!

Once the ingredients are all mixed up, try to clump it all together in a circle shape so that it falls out easily and transfer it on to the coconut coated tin foil. Use your hands to shape the mixture into a log.

Make sure the log is well coated in coconut. Then fold over the tin foil and twist it at the ends so that it looks like this:

Now you just have to wait. Put the log into the fridge, I left mine for about an hour and half (which was difficult for me, I am impatient!). Once the time is up take the log out of the fridge and cut it into as many sections as you would like.

And tada you are done! I put mine into bun cases because they are quite sticky and it's easier to store them this way though lets face it you'll probably not have to store them for long! Remember to keep them in the fridge so that they don't go soft!


  1. i'm not gonna lie: i am not *that* fond of fifteens. just because of the marshmallows in them, and i can't find ones that are veggie friendly! :(
    my favourite traybake is caramel squares! i have a wicked caramel recipe that i should type up for you...

  2. Hmmm they look good, definitely going to give these a try.

  3. These look yummy. :)
    I like that there's pictures of the "stages" because sometimes inexperienced baker (like me) can get confused with how am I supposed to mix some ingredients.

  4. Fifteens are powerful, barbs you do not no what you are on about! Fifteens refuse to give in to your veginess

  5. they look cool n tasty

  6. I think they look amazing! Im defontly going to give these a go! Lol

  7. How I got here...I was watching a VLOGER, & she got a pkg in the mail, with of all things a recipe for Fifteens, & curiosity took, I searched for a recipe on you-tube, & I watched a girl (who was from Ireland, but living in Scotland) make them, & in her description box was a link to a recipe for them, which led me here. Funny, hey. I may give these a go...:) ...But, I live in Texas, & I am wondering what I can use in place of the digestive bicuits, as we do not have them here...but, we do have what we call graham crackers. We do use those in no bake recipes here, so, I am hoping they will work. :) .

    1. I am Scottish and living in California. I get my digestives at Cost Plus World Market. :) I have a Brit store near me so get the glace cherries there and could also get the digestives. Found a website called that I can order glazed cherries from and they are like glace cherries. :) Good luck!

  8. I am Scottish and these are found in homes and tearooms in Scotland too! Yummy! :)
    I just made these the other day! Be sure to use 150 ml of condensed milk with the 15 of all the other ingredients. If you do 20 it is 200 ml. :)

  9. I came across your site while searching for the calorific value of fifteens. I used to make these regularly but can no longer as I have MS, so I buy them. But I will show the site to my daughter so she can learn as your photos are really helpful.


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