Stress relieving cookies

A few more days and my exams will be over! I'm sure any students reading this are counting down the days to freedom as well. What are your exam techniques? I wish I could be sensible and start revision months or at least weeks in advance but it just never works. I think I need to have what I call 'the fear' in order to revise. This means that a week before my exam I will stock up on cans of diet coke, skittles and pro plus caffeine tablets and spend every waking hour (and many hours when I should be asleep, such as now) cramming as much information into my brain as possible. It's always worked for me luckily, although before I developed this technique I just never studied and believe me that did not work at all.

I tend to get very panicky and stressed about exams and something that always calms me down is baking. I think it's important to take breaks during revision (okay sometimes I push it a little and need to realize that a 2 hours is too long). You can have my favorite chocolate chip cookies made up and out of the oven in less than an hour, perfect stress reliever and they taste yum! My friend Barbara sent me a link for this recipe over a year ago and I always use it. We baked these cookies together once and she told me to add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed orange juice and some orange zest and I have done this every time since. Also it's not in the recipe but dipping the base into melted dark chocolate and letting it harden in the fridge for 15 minutes makes them twice as good.

Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies.


100g (4 oz) soft vegetable margarine
100g (4 oz) caster sugar
150g (6 oz) plain flour (self-raising is ok too)
1 tsp vanilla essence
100g (4 oz) dark chocolate chips or chopped chocolate
1 orange for juicing and zesting
Dark chocolate for dipping


1) Beat margarine and sugar until fluffy
2) Add vanilla essence and chocolate chips, then stir in the flour to make a dough. Add a tablespoon of orange juice.
3) Shape the mixture into 16 balls.
4) Space them out onto baking trays and flatten each slightly with the back of a spoon.
5) Bake each tray for about 8 minutes at 200ºC/400ºF until pale brown.
6) Leave to cool slightly before transferring them to a cooling rack.
7) Dip in dark chocolate and cool in fridge for 15 minutes.


  1. -feels special-
    they really are good though (not to blow my own trumpet or anything :p)!

  2. Oooh they look good! Might try it out, it looks like a nice simple and tasty recipe, which I could convert to gluten-free! And baking is the best way to relieve stress, but usually I end up binging on what I make!

  3. Yammi... nice cookies, they look really good.

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