Going dancing!

Tonight I am going dancing with my friends. I have revision to do and essays to write but sometimes I just can't resist a good night out. I love getting dressed up, putting on my make up and dancing myself silly all night long. I am not a big party girl. I prefer to stay in and watch a film, bake or go out for dinner or to the cinema. However once in a while the urge takes me to to want to party it up. So the plan for tonight is to have something quick to eat, get ready then go to my lovely friend Amelia's house for drinks then we are heading out for cocktails and dancing. I am going to wear my Miss Selfridge dress I think. I love it!

I can't find a better photo of me in it, I will be wearing high heels not boots. Also I am laughing because Audrey's arms in that poster make it look like I have little antannae.

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