A Vegas Wedding

I wondered if too much time had passed to share these photos, since they were taken in April. Then I thought why the heck not? I also have a bunch of proper camera photos to edit now I have a new computer but for the mean time Instagram shows a pretty good representation of one of the best holidays of my life.

Our good friends Dawn and Dave got engaged two years ago and I was so excited and honoured when Dawn asked me to be her bridesmaid. It got even more exciting when Dave asked Ali to be his best man. 

Finally the time arrived to fly to Vegas to watch one of the most wonderful couples around get hitched. We stayed at New York New York which was just wonderful, and huge! Honestly Vegas was just like another world, you just have to see it to experience it. After a day there nothing will shock you any more! We spent the days leading up to the wedding relaxing, eating, some drinking, shopping and a touch of gambling. I am not good at gambling. It was so refreshing to get to spend so much time with our friends, and to see the city through their eyes as they had told us so much about their previous trip there.

The wedding was held at the Venus Gardens in Cesar's Palace, with the reception in The Venetian and an after party in Nine Fine Irishmen, NYNY, The whole day was just a magical whirlwind - I can't imagine what it felt like for Dawn. From the relaxing morning getting our make up done by the amazing girls at Amelia C, to seeing Dawn in her dress for the first time, post wedding selfies and dancing to trad irish music - every moment was just perfect. This trip is full of treasured memories for me. Thank you Dawn and Dave for asking us to be a part of such a special and important day, we loved every minute! When are we going back?

1. Our Hotel 2. The view from our room 3. Sunny Vegas outfit 4. I got drunk in the afternoon and lost some money and then bought donuts 

1. Another outfit snap 2. Ali and I outside the Chandelier bar in Aria 3. Blow Pop Popping Candy cocktail at Sugar Factory 4. The Bellagio

1. Covering up with a Kimono as I may have got slightly sunburnt! 2. Rainbow Rolls 3. The best dressing gown ever 4. The morning of the big day!

1. Grown up pyjama choices 2. Cinnabon breakfast since I got carried away and bought fifteen rolls instead of one roll 3. Dawniepants and I 4. Wedding hair! 

1. & 2. Ali and I just a few minutes after the ceremony 3. Wedding flowers and my favouite Amaretto Sours 4. The view from the wedding dinner.

1. CAAAAAKE 2. Newly married Dawn! 3. My beautiful bridesmaid shoes 4. The buzzing Vegas strip.

Although they aren't instagram photos I couldn't end this post without a few snaps of the newlyweds!

A foodie weekend in Dublin City

Hello everyone! I wanted to share a little of a recent trip to Dublin. Ali and I have been lucky enough to go to many lovely places just this year but we realised we hadn't been away just the two of us for quite some time. Alistair's aunt recently treated us to some experience gift vouchers and we used them on a Fab Food Trail of Dublin. It was a really wonderful afternoon and I would highly recommend it!

Our first stop was Sheridan's Cheesemongers which was one of my favourite stops on the tour. We were treated to some really delicious cheeses and told about the history of cheesemaking in Ireland - I was surprised to love the Crozier Blue cheese when I thought I hated blue cheese. Delicious!

After Sheridans we visited The Pepper Pot and sampled some of their cream cheese and salmon bagels. They make their bagels by hand in store and I was craving another bite! My only negative here is that sadly they are closed on Sundays and we had hoped to get our breakfast there. It was truly tasty and the owners clearly had a real passion for food.

After the Pepper Pot we went to Blazing Salads, a healthy pitstop that has been around in Dublin for many, many years. They do really fresh and varied salads as well as freshly baked bread. We sampled the lavender bread and learned about dulse (that's seaweed!) and it's many uses in cooking.

By now it was approaching midday and time to pop into one of Dublin's most historic pubs, The Swan. A shot of Power's Irish Whiskey and a great talk on the history of the Pub by the charasmatic barman perked us up for our next location.

Our next treat was a sample of Savage Sausage from Lolly and Cooks in George's Arcade. A little spicy and sweet, we were told this is a common hangover cure for the Dublin party goer. It was very tasty!

After that we popped into Cocoa Atilier to try some of their chocolates made just outside of Dublin city. We had the chestnut honey and it reminded me of the floral honey Ali's parents buy in France. Yum!

Around the corner from Cocoa Atilier is the food store and café Fallon and Byrne where we browsed the aisles and were amazed at all the fancy foods out there - I think you could probably find anything out of your Nigella cookbook there. They had so many specialty and imported foods as well as a meat and fish counter. We had strip steak and horseradish on soda bread (or Wheaten bread to us Northerners).

Our last stop was the Temple Bar Market to try some Oysters...or, rather ashamedly on my part to watch Alistair bravely try an oyster and then be forced to also eat mine. I was assured that the onion and tomato vinaigrette and Tabasco sauce made them go down easy but Oysters are just not something I am brave enough for.

And that was our Saturday morning/early afternoon in Dublin! It was a walking tour but very manageable, and took around 3 hours in total. Our guide was very informed and friendly and you should definitely check them out if you are visiting Dublin. After we finished, Ali and I walked out to The Cake Café, it took us a little while to find and yes it is tucked down a little backstreet, so keep going if you think you are lost - you'll find it! I opted for the Victoria Sponge as that's my favourite cake. Sadly I was a little underwhelmed, it was a bit dry and tasteless. Ali had the lemon and poppyseed cake with fresh cream which he was really happy with and said it was tasty. We ordered the homemade lemonade to drink - I'm not entirely sure this is what we got as it seemed to be orange flavoured but it was very refreshing!

My bacon ribs at The Woollen Mills.

Although not on our tour I also wanted to mention The Woollen Mills which is where we opted to go for dinner. It is on the opposite side of the river from The Temple Bar, right beside the Ha'penny Bridge. It had only been open a few weeks and we had heard good things from our tour guide.

I had a raspberry sours cocktail which was fresh and sharp, for my main meal I chose the Bacon ribs with mashed potato, cabbage and mustard seed. Now - this was probably the most delicious meal of my weekend. The bacon ribs were so tender and bursting with taste and the jus that covered the meal sealed it for me.

Sadly, Alistair had worse luck! He was a bit confused by the menu, and felt more descriptions would be useful. He played it safe and ordered the chicken and chips. If you visit The Woolen Mills, do not order the chicken and chips. It's a total waste with so many other tasty offerings on the menu. You literally will get roasted chicken with no seasoning or garnish and plain chips. It was dry and disappointing and to be honest completely not fitting with the rest of the menu.

Luckily the dessert made up for Ali's main. He got an oreo chocolate peanut butter tart and it was completely amazing. I know this as I decided on the 'platter of nice things', an intriguing risk! Luckily it paid off, I got a selection of desserts including a taster of the aformentioned tart and some of the most light and fluffy marshmallows I have ever eaten and am still dreaming about 2 weeks later.

Overall I would really recommend The Woollen Mills, just don't try to play it safe! Oh and here is a bonus photo of me chowing on a chicken burger at Eddie Rockets the night before, I don't think I have ever been to Dublin and not indulged there!


I'm Back!

Hello! It's definitely been a while. As I explained in my previous post, my computer broke a few months ago leaving me totally in the lurch. Well the good news is that Amazon decided to refund me and I have a brand new sparkly laptop. The bad news is that it was impossible to get back into my old laptop and although I had backed up most of my documents, some photos I had planned on sharing on here did get lost.

I'm excited now to get back up to date and get posting again! Have you noticed any changes? If you are viewing this in your reader you should head to my blog directly and check out the absolutely beauiful blog layout designed for me by Kaelah of The Clueless Girl. I'm so happy with it, and excited to finally put it to good use!

So what have I been doing lately? Well, mostly work. A lot of baking! The new house has also been keeping me busy, we have been moved in for 8 months now and the bulk of the decorating is done. We just have a few bits to finish up but I am so happy we have come so far with it in such a short space after moving in with the only piece of furniture we had was a bed. I'm looking forward to sharing some detailed room tour photos with you shortly!

This weekend we are heading off on a trip I have been so excited about for a year now. My lovely friend Dawn of Inanity and the Girl is getting married in Las Vegas. Dawn's husband to be is another good friend of ours and we can't wait to share in their excitement! So we are heading to Vegas for 5 nights and then to New York for 5 more nights with 2 of our good friends and neighbours. Can't wait to get snapping with my camera again and share it all with you! Do you have any recommendations for Vegas?

A little break

I don't know if any of you have noticed but it's been entirely too quiet over here lately! You may also have noticed that I have a beautiful, completely gorgeous new layout. Well, unfortunately at the precise moment my blog was due to be picked up again, my laptop broke. My one year old laptop. Sigh, so unless someone wants to give me a laptop this blog is going to remain pretty quiet for a while.

I can't justify buying a new one, and even at that I can't afford one. Hp I hate you.  I'll hopefully be back soon! Thanks for being patient. 

A little shopping trip...

My sister and I went shopping last week around the city centre and these are a few things I picked up. I can't resist Primark at the minute for cute tshirts and pjs. Nothing practical or you know, that I actually NEED but irresistibly cute. Also a few bits from Paperchase. I can spend money in there so fast you wouldn't believe it. 

All of the above are from Primark, the photos below are items from Paperchase. 

Recipe: Lentil, Carrot and Ham soup.

Hello everyone! Thanks for all of your lovely comments on my meal planning post. I mentioned in it that I like to make a big pot of soup once a week, and this is my favourite soup of all time. I love lentil soup, and it's so easy to make. I use my mum's recipe (or guidelines I should say, she never really has a proper recipe for anything). I tend to improvise a little on this so if you're a few grams short of lentils or you have more carrots to use up just go for it. Soup is simple and adaptable. These measurements make a pretty large pot of soup, probably a good 6 or 7 generous bowls in there so either half it or you can always freeze some for a super quick lunch as you can reheat soup from frozen.

I use a hand liquidizer for this, they can be picked up for around £5 in Sainsburys and for me are a must have kitchen item. 

Carrot, lentil and ham soup.


- 1 tbsp olive oil
- 1 onion
- 4 large carrots 
- 400g red split lentils
- 1 stock cube (2 if you are not using a stock pot)
- 1 stock pot (optional but highly recommended - these stock pots are my cooking saviours, they add a richness you just cannot get with stock cubes alone). 
- 150g Shredded ham, you can shred ham yourself from a leftover roast or Sainsburys sells shredded ham hock in packs of 150g for £2.30/2 packs for £3.
- Salt and pepper to taste


1. Stick your full kettle on so your stock will soon be ready to go. Dice your onion and cook in olive oil until soft and lightly browned. Be careful not to burn, the onions are the base for your soup and if they are burnt your soup will taste burnt. 

2. Peel and chop your carrots, add to the onions in the pan and fry for around 2-4 minutes on a medium heat to release the flavour. While the carrots are frying, make up your stock. I usually add around 2 litres as this is a huge pot of soup. I use only 1 stock cube because I add a stock pot at the end of cooking however if you are using only cubes then use two cubes in mixes of 1litre stock at a time. 

3. After adding the stock to the pot, weigh out and add your lentils. Put the lid on your pot and cook for around 10-12 minutes on a low to medium heat. 

4. Check with a knife to ensure your carrots are cooked, if not then leave the mix cooking for a few minutes more. If they are ready, take your hand liquidizer and go to work. Liquidise it all. I like my soup to be a little thick, but not too much. If you find this too thin, at this point you can add more lentils and cook for a few minutes then liquidize again until you are happy. 

5. Once you have finished liquidizing your soup add the ham and cook for a further 8 minutes, stirring occassionally. If you're adding a stock pot then do so at this point. Season to taste and serve!


Making life easier through Meal Planning - App review.

Hello lovelies, it seems like forever since I posted on here. As well as working overdrive with the business lately, Ali and I have been spending any free time at all working on our home. It's coming together and look out for a home tour on here shortly. I have a little review for you today which I really enjoyed writing - and hopefully it will make your life a little easier!

One of the things I've been struggling with since I started working from home is cooking. Now, I absolutely love cooking (and eating) but when you work in a kitchen all day, then spend a good while after work cleaning it, you really don’t fancy thinking about what to eat and it’s usually not until Ali comes home after 6 that I even give a thought to dinner. Oops, I've got loads of meat in the freezer but forgot to defrost any of it, we have no fresh veg, let’s get a takeaway. Having a takeaway more than one night a week is slightly soul destroying when you love to cook and aren't even really getting one for a treat any more but just for pure convenience.

Well, I’ve found my salvation from dodgy kebabs! Meal planning. Meal planning, meal planning, meal planning. It’s amazing, how did I never do this before? Something so simple that I didn’t bother with before has now meant we:

1. Have a tasty home cooked meal 6 days a week.
2. Have less wastage because I only buy fresh food I know I will use.
3. Save money on that wastage and on takeaways.
4. Actually use my beloved cook books/favourite food websites for their intended purpose instead of just staring longingly at the photos in them.
5. Spend less time driving to the shop to pick up something quick to cook because I feel so awful at having had so many damn takeaway dinners!

So, what I do. I sit down on a Monday (my day off) and go through either my recipe books or my favourite websites for recipes and decide on what we will eat for dinner each night of the week, then I go and do a weekly food shop. Not rocket science but it makes my life so much more simple. I’m not quite so good as to plan my lunches, but I usually have some of what’s left from the night before or something quick. Once day a week I will make a massive pot of soup and that does a few lunches. I’m also trying to recapture my love of baking as a hobby rather than just a job so I like to choose something to bake each week as well. 

The way I was doing this before was just on a piece of paper, which is fine, but meant a lot of flicking back and forth between pages and hoping I didn't miss out any of my ingredients on my grocery  list. 

I was recently asked by Argos to collaborate with them on a review of some apps, and so I decided to give some food apps a go, trying them out on an apple ipad. These are a few that I really think are worth looking at. I've found using the iPad for my meal planning has saved me a lot of time and made me more adventurous with my cooking.

1.The Practical – Paprika.

app review

I’m just going to dive right in with the complete package here. This app does everything you would need from a meal planning app. It is the bees knees, seriously. Described as a ‘recipe planning app’, it allows you to browse your favourite food websites within the app and add recipes to your favourites – adding details such as category and ratings. Once you have done this, you can move to the meal calendar section of the app and add in the meals for breakfast, lunch dinner etc for the next week. 

app review app review

One of my favourite features of Paprika is that you can also easily and quickly compile grocery shopping lists from your chosen recipes. Conveniently, you can also view a list of top rated recipes by all users which is great for giving you some ideas rather than just starting by searching for ‘chicken’ as I am often guilty of doing. This way, you can easily widen your cooking repertoire without having to spend forever trawling through an endless list of samey meal ideas. The built in timer is also a godsend if like me, you have a habit of leaving things in the oven just a little too long.

Paprika is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android Nook and Kindle Fire and is priced at £2.99. 

2.The eye candy – Look & Cook. 

app review

For me, the selling point of this app how much it reminds me of flicking through the glossy photos in my cookbook collection. It’s one of my favourite rituals of cooking. Sure, my creations don’t always look just as idyllic but it is often what helps me choose what meals I’ll attempt! Look & Cook is incredibly simple to use, you select a category of food and are then presented with a ton of gorgeous photos to look through, with the meal name and details (serving size, time to cook etc) along the bottom. Although there are only 51 recipes within this app, they are all meals that would impress but are still on a pretty simple skill level.

The photo is the main focus of your attention. By then clicking on the meal you choose, you get a recipe and all the details you would need to feed those caramelized banana French toast cravings. 

app review

app review

The app is sweet and simple, and also includes their ‘Clean Screen’ technology, if you are fed up covering your phone/tablet in food (mostly all of my cake books are covered in flour at all times), then you will love this. This is essentially a voice activation tool that allows you to follow the recipe without actually touching the screen. You can also switch the recipe from reading look to cook mode, increasing the text size so it can be easily read from the kitchen counter. Like Paprika, Look & Cook also has inbuilt timers.

Look & Cook is available for the iPad, and is free to download (though their website does say that it is only free for a limited time).

3. The Money Saver – Love your Leftovers.

app review

This is a wonderful little app that allows you to find recipes by entering what food you have that you need to use up. Although I like to only buy what I need, sometimes food comes in silly sizes so I have a lot of leftovers and this is a wonderful tool for finding something tasty to create with them. I use this lot for soup ideas, finding that if I have a lot of veg left over it will create a lovely pot of soup that can be used for lunches or portioned and frozen for another busy day!

app review

app review

Love your Leftovers is available on iPad, IPhone, Ipod Touch and is free.

4. The little luxury –Primrose Bakery Cupcake and Cake Recipes. 

app review app review

app review app review

I’m a big fan of the Primrose Bakery cookbooks so this is simply an indulgence app for me. I’ve tried the majority of recipes in their books and never had a failure (at least not when I haven’t done something silly like forgotten to add the baking powder). It’s got nothing healthy in it, just cakes and sweet treats. Can’t complain about that! 

In this app you can find plenty of recipes for cupcakes, cakes, biscuits, icings – but the added bonus is the videos that come with it. Simple and short video tutorials to show you how to frost your cupcakes, crumb coat your layer cakes and really practical guides such as how to make your own piping bags. I love this little app, and really recommend it along with the Primrose Bakery cookbooks if you are a cake enthusiast like myself.

Primrose Bakery is available for iPad, iPhone and Ipod touch and is priced at £2.49.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the review and will check out the apps. I'm having great time trying new recipes and have a few to share with you in the next few weeks including triple chocolate banana bundt cake! Please note that this post was made in association with Argos

Sing to the Moon


DSCF3074 DSCF3072

Dress - Primark
Cardigan - M&S
Boots - Topshop
Necklace - Emily Loves Vintage

It seems like everyone and their dog has fallen in love with this Primark dress. I've been itching to find it since I saw the A/W previews in the summer. I now have it in the red one above, a navy and green one and most recently a brighter red tartan. Addicted isn't the word, I just love tartan and plaid and those collars are impossible to resist. Annoyingly the sizing on these dresses is bonkers, I've heard loads of people saying that they have sized up. The arms are really tight, I'm tempted to turn them into shift dresses actually! 



My boots were a Topshop bargain with 20% off and the necklace is from one of my favourites Emily Loves Vintage. I'm trying to get back into blogging (oh here we go again eh!) - it's just finding the time between work and house stuff (the to do list is never ending). Also my camera was being derp on some weird setting and I didn't notice until later. Oops. Anywhow, it feels good to be back :) Have a lovely lovely song.